Paper classification

Paper for printing - the most popular type of paper designed for printing of publishing and graphic products (newsprint, printing, offset, gravure, illustration, mapping, covers, labels, etc.) by various methods.

Decorative paper - paper with colored smooth or crepe surface, or a surface that reminds velvet, marble, leather, cloth; it is- aerography, velvet, crepe, marble and other types of paper used for finishing book binding, design of book and magazine products.

Paper for writing, typing, drawing and drawing - writing, writing color, copybook, mail, typewriting, rotator, carbon, drawing, whatman drawing paper, tracing paper, transparent drawing paper, drawing paper and others.

Electro-technical paper - - insulating, telephone, capacitor, cable, semi-conductive cable, mica-coated paper and others.

Packaging and wrapping paper - paper for packaging of products in vending machines, wrapping paper for sugar, tea, fruits, glass packaging, textile products, sack paper, paper for matchboxes, opaque film for photographic paper, greaseproof wrapping paper, wrapping, vegetable parchment , vellum, under-parchment, and others.

Photosensitive paper - photosensitive, slide film light sensitivity and photographic paper, paper slide film photosensitive tracing.

Paper for big and small cigarettes - smoking, tipping, big and small cigarettes.

The absorbent paper - absorbent paper chromatography, blotting, filter for different purposes.

Industrial and technical papers - multi-purpose for mercury and zinc batteries, chemical power sources, calender bowl paper, cartridge, twine, water-soluble, punch card, thermal-reactive, heat-sensitive , for electrographic purposes, gummed paper for re-imaging and other.

Paper-base - this includes papers used as a basis for the production of many types of paper, paper products and fiber by appropriate treatments, surface treatments and coatings (base-paper, coated base, thermosetting, copying, waxed, parchment paper, photo tracing, abrasive; a basis for transfer foil, lining material, packaging for dairy products, sanitary napkins, laminated tape, paste board and others.

The labelpaper metallized - designed for the manufacture of designer types of paper, labels on glass bottles, containers made of polymers, bulk chemicals, or when the increased requirements for external stability are put to label (package) of goods (products) in moisture,the effects of oils, fats, alkali, alcohol, while the packaging (labeling) of material is carried out in humid conditions or in the presence of alcohol, alkali, or other active substances.

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