Metallized paper for labels

"Metalino" LLC manufactures metallized label paper, both glazed and with “Lyon” print. The metal coating is applied by vapor-deposited aluminum in a high vacuum. The varnish layer on top of the aluminum (primer) gives the paper an increased resistance to abrasion and ensures high-quality printing on all common types of printing equipment. Special treatment of the reverse side provides reliable adhesion on the labeling equipment. Metallized label paper designed for high-quality labels on non-returnable tableware. It has well proven in the automatic labeling lines, even in conditions of high humidity and low temperatures, for non-returnable containers labeling and their subsequent storage in refrigerators, ice buckets, cold rooms or freezers.

Metallized label paper is characterized by high indicators of dye fixing.Label paper for the labels on non-refundable containers manufacture comes in a glazed version.

Perfectly treated surface of the label paper has excellent acceptance to the paint and guarantees high speed of prints drying. The paper demonstrates excellent results in offset, flexographic and gravure printing, and is perfect for all kinds of finishing treatment.

Labeled bottles remain unchanged surface appearance when stored in cellars, refrigerators, freezers and when served in the ice bucket. Finished labels are easily removed in an alkaline solution used for processing of returnable packaging. The reverse side of the label paper is prepared specifically for the better glue acceptance. This property combined with low paper curl gives excellent results in the process of labeling on high-speed lines. Delivery is made both in sheets and rolls.

Benefits of “Metalino”metallized label paper:

  • Metallized, perfectly processed surface
  • Moisture and alkaline resistance
  • Beautiful gloss
  • High resistance to abrasion
  • Highly effective applicability for printing in any system
  • Perfect properties for using in any printing equipment and on labeling lines

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