Metalvuoto S.p.A.

Country Italy
Address 3th Leonardo Da Vinci street - 20040 Roncello (MI)
Phone +39 039 627831

Metalvuoto was founded in the early 70’s. Our story began with the metalization of plastic films intended both for food packaging and for the electricity sector.

Our trade name is Alumet, our line of metalized films, still now the pride of Metalvuoto’s production. Our metalized films provide high gas, aroma and water vapour barriers which help to preserve the prolonged organoleptic properties of packaged foods, thus increasing the product’s shelf life. The success of Alumet, which has continued for more than 40 years, did not stop us from further development. Innovation and research are two words that have always characterized us and we are passionate about. That’s why in 2008 we launched Oxaqua, the result of careful research and a valuable partnership with the University of Milan. Oxaqua is a transparent coating designed to replace the barrier element of aluminium, using water-based lacquers, which are highly waterproof and which are also food approved.

Metalvuoto Company
Metalvuoto Company

The result? Films with high transparency and extremely high gloss that are able to maintain the organoleptic properties of foods with good shelf life and no risk of contamination thanks to the total absence of solvents and chlorine.

Oxaqua has something more: in fact a wide range of Oxaqua films are eco-friendly satisfying the need for sustainability. Concerns about the environment are now essential and which is at the heart of the image of Metalvuoto. Oxaqua allows you to create 100% recyclable packaging with very low thicknesses: which means lower volumes in recycling, reduced environmental impact, reduced costs.

Metalvuoto Company
Metalvuoto Company

Innovation and research, conservation and safety of the product, bio-sustainability, constant attention to the needs of customers, this is us, this is our philosophy, our history and our way.