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Country Italy
Address Piazza Michele Ferrero, 2 I-12051 ALBA
Phone +390 173 978 254

ABTECH S.r.l. was formed in 2012 by professionals from the field of flexible packaging with a range of skills which when combined offers the industry a unique service that the new machine manufacturers are reluctant to offer. We operate out of a 700 square meters office and workshop with a team of experts in different departments: technical, sales, after-sales, and finance. Starting from either your own equipment or by sourcing used machinery for you, we can refurbish or rebuild the equipment to make it more efficient and effective so you can manufacture your products at lower cost. If you need more equipment but do not want to purchase new, we offer a range of second hand machines. Whether you buy through us or independently, we can dismantle, transport, install, commission, train and provide after sales service for most flexible packaging machinery. If your business needs a specific customised machine that is not ‘standard’ on the market, we can design and manufacture machinery that suits your exact needs.

ABTECH Company

The ABTECH Srl team of highly skilled technicians has worked for years in the field of flexible packaging. Good for your businesses or theirs? We know that the major machinery manufacturers are constantly trying to produce standard machinery from standard parts for reasons of economics? In many cases this suits both you and them, but there are times when your business needs something a bit special to stand out from your competitors or to take advantage of a niche market. Having been asked to fulfill this need by many customers, we decided to specialize in the design and manufacture of highly customized equipment groups as well as full lines. The main technologies that we deal with are: rotogravure and flexo printing, coating of lacquers, resins and adhesives, lamination groups, embossing of aluminum foil, slitters, extrusion and extrusion coating.

ABTECH Company