Country Italy
Address 5, Via Europa 21040 Morazzone (Varese)
Phone 390 332 879 573
Website www.epistolio.com

Epistolio Srl is a well-established company which , for over 30 years , through a careful policy of focusing on global service to the customer, on the accuracy and timeliness of deliveries and on competitive prices, has been able to carve out a role as a leader in the supply of electrical and mechanical equipments for the general industry, and in particular for the industry of plastics and rubbers.

Epistolio Company
Epistolio Office

Through the pursuit of a business strategy based on expanding the product package provided by Epistolio , our society has developed over the years, alongside its main business, a productive activity.

Epistolio, thanks to highly skilled technicians , has acquired a complete knowledge in the production of industrial robots and painting systems and dosing systems for plastics.

In addition Epistolio , through a strong expertise and preparation of its technical/commercial department and an intensive collaboration with its partners , is able to provide the most efficient and effective solutions for all problems related to the industrial automation, accompanying the customer from the technical evaluation stage, to the commercial stage , the procurement till the installation and the evaluation of the obtained performances.

Today Epistolio proposes itself with authority as an ideal partner for industrial groups of medium and large dimensions, which are looking for a single partner to be in charge of all matters relating to the automation of industrial processes.

Epistolio Srl is certified according to quality control processes, as for UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008.