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Metallized paper Metalino “Standard” 71

Metallized paper structure:
  • trappinglacquer coating
  • metallized layer
  • intermediate lacquer layer
  • paper-basis 68 g/m2
  • additional moisturizing layer

Table of technical characteristics
Indicators name Unit of measurement Value Permitted deviation Testing methods
Product mass of the area 1m2 g/m2 70,6 ±4% GOST 13199-88
Humidity % 4,7 ±1 GOST 13525.19-91
Thickness micron 61 ± 2% ISO 534
Gloss (60) % 440 ± 50 ISO 2813
Surface water absorbency
at single side wetting (Kobb method)
g/m2 17,6 ± 3 GOST 12605-97
Tensile strength MD CD kN/m 3,8 2,6 ±0,6% ±0,3% GOST 30436-96
Alkali resistance min 40 DIN 16524-7
Technical specification and color of the paper are of the informative quality and may be altered by the manufacturing plant unilaterally. For making final choice we recommend to use the samples.

the label for the returnable and non-returnable container, for attachment in humid conditions

Printing mode:
offset, deep rotation, flexography

Additional information:
  • external metallized side
  • max width of the roll: 1050 mm (non-cut)
  • internal diameter of the roll: 152 mm
  • maximum external diameter: 900 mm

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